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ION measures greenhouse gas emissions in its facilities 28.01.2019

In the context of our total strategy for the environment, and also as proof of our commitment to actively addressing the issue of climate change, ION performed a full measurement of greenhouse gas emissions connected with our operations and activities. In 2017, ION’s Quality Control Division, with guidance by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSE), carried out the necessary measurements at our facilities in Neo Faliro, Mesogaia-Markopoulos, Pallini and Arta, in accordance with the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard and ISO 14064.

These measurements involved all aspects of our business operations, such as the consumption of electricity for the operation of buildings, the consumption of natural resources for production lines, energy expenditure for employee transportation, and even flights for corporate purposes and paper consumption in our offices. Our primary goal was to establish an official record of measurements, which would be certified by an official independent authority, in order to set a reference basis for future measures whose aim will be to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, our work doesn’t just stop there. The effort to minimise the ecological footprint of our corporate activities and protect the environment and natural resources remains a daily and ongoing quest.