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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) constitutes an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”).

The Website’s Privacy Policy covers all matters related to private data of visitors/users/members collected by the Website during visits and uses of its services. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy of the Website lists all requirements for the collection, processing and management of private data of visitors/users/members by the Website. If a visitor does not agree with these terms and conditions, then he or she should not proceed with registering himself or herself and should not create a user account in the Website.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the relationship between visitors/users/clients of the Website and any services which are not subject to the control and/or the ownership of the Website of ION S.A.

All visitors may browse the Website without giving any private and personal information. Personal information such as full name, e-mail, date of birth etc. will be required only in the event that a visitor wishes to become a member of the Website in order to use its services. The website is both able and entitled to register IP addresses of visitors and, if necessary, contact the visitor’s Internet Services Provider (ISP) in any event of violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Website/Application.

The full rights of ownership of the Website, and also the Website’s function, belong to ION S.A. exclusively. ION S.A. acknowledges that many visitors of the Website are concerned about the details they provide to ION and how these details are used. For that reason, ION S.A. has developed this Privacy Policy in order to address any such concerns.

This Website collects data both of a private and cumulative nature. Private data refer to individual users and may include, among others, the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, etc.

Private data are only collected from individuals who provide them willingly and consciously, when, for example, they register themselves in our Website, or when they provide their name and address and request follow-up communication from ION S.A. ION S.A. does not ask for such details to be registered or submitted as a requirement to visit the Website or access its content. Cumulative data may refer to various things, such as how many consumers visit the Website, which pages they access, which details they download, the type of web browser and operating system they use and the name of their own Internet Service Provider. Data of this nature are automatically collected whenever you visit the website, and they are afterwards combined with similar data collected from other visitors. The purpose of collecting such data is for us to use them in order to optimize and adapt the Website to the visitors.

As noted above, private data are automatically and knowingly collected from you. As a consequence, when you register in the Website, the data provided by you are collected. When you register for a special offer, we collect the data that are necessary for your participation and for ION S.A. to fulfill its obligations towards you. When you send an e-mail, the e-mail address you provide is collected for purposes of further communication. We also collect cumulative non-private data on a constant basis whenever you visit the website. All collection of such non-private data is done by employing the technology of “web beacons” (they are also called single-pixel GIF’s), as explained in further detail below.

Web Beacons are Internet tools that help determine data about websites, for example, whether a website has been visited. When you ask for information about a special offer or a newsletter, we may use web beacons to determine how many of our e-mails were ultimately opened. In general, all digital images visited as part of a website, including web banner advertisements, may function as web beacons. Any advertising networks of third parties showing ads in any section of ION S.A. may use cookies and/or web beacons in their advertisements. ION S.A. exercises no control over web beacons employed by such third parties and does not have access to data that are potentially collected by third parties. Moreover, ION S.A. may use web beacons in its advertisements on the websites of other companies. All data collected in such a manner are governed by this Privacy Policy.

The Website occasionally includes announcements about special offers and contests and at time, may also allow online entries. In this case, we will use the data provided by you in order to carry out the special offer (e.g. to contact you if you win). Your private data will be deleted from our database within a reasonable amount of time following the conclusion of the special offer, unless you agree and permit us to keep them and use them to contact you again, according to the provisions of Law 2472/97 on Private Data. In particular regarding contents, the Website will post the more specific terms and conditions of participation that will regulate the more particular issues of participation.

On certain occasions, we may ask our visitors to complete questionnaires and polls to see their attitude, mentality and interests. Such research helps us understand the needs of visitors. If such research is featured in our website with sample answers, then no private data shall be included. If a visitor participates in one such research, we guarantee that no private data will be stored in ION S.A.’s databases as a consequence of the research.

If you have specifically agreed to a communication on a regular basis, or if you have asked from us to include your address in our list of addresses when you first registered, ION S.A. will regard this as consent and license from your part for ION S.A. to be able to make occasional contact with you, and such contact may include, but not limited to, marketing or advertising material. We may respond to your comments or requests for updates; or, we may contact you whenever necessary in the process of handling a product or service requested by you via the Website. In the e-mail section of the Website, we ask for several data of private nature, such as your name and telephone number. We use that data only if it is necessary for us to contact you directly, in case our attempts to contact you via e-mail bore no results. We do not use your e-mail address for any purposes other than to respond to message initially sent by you, unless you have granted us permission for other uses.

We also use your private data in the context of our continuous and thorough effort to improve our marketing and promotion methods. To that end, we use statistical analysis to determine the use of our website. At the same, this use of the data you provide us with helps us improve the features and overall content of the Website. We may also use your private data to deliver content adapted to your interests, in the way that we perceive them through the data you have given us and from your activity in the site. Such customized content may come in various forms, such as recipes, banners, product details and information about special offers. We do not automatically collect private data, although we may combine non-private data collected automatically (through cookies) with private data you have previously submitted. ION S.A.’s primary goal during the collection of private data is to offer you an essential and customized experience every time you use our websites and our banner advertisements.

We do not sell, transfer, or disclose any private data collected through our website to any third parties without your prior consent.

ION S.A. reserves the right to record its telephone calls from and to its call center in order to ensure even better quality of telephone communication, taking into account that recorded calls may be used for purposes of training of ION S.A.’s staff members and for resolving any potential questions that result from services received by users.

The Website includes links to other websites that are not subject to the Website’s control, but to the control of third parties (natural persons or legal entities). The Website shall have no liability whatsoever for any content and services of such websites, nor any liability for any Terms and Conditions for the Protection of Private Data of visitors/users followed by third parties.

All access to such websites will be at the risk and responsibility of visitors exclusively. ION S.A. does not endorse, nor approve any products or services offered in websites accessed via the Website. Users must always check the address of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) provided by their own WWW browser to verify whether they are still in the Website or they have been moved to another website.

Users are advised to read the full details of all Terms of Use and Protection of Private Data for websites whose links are included on the Website. Any problems that may occur during visits/uses of websites referred to by the Website shall be subject to the area of responsibility of the respective websites exclusively, and visitors/users ought to report such problems to these websites. All referrals to other websites are done for purposes of facilitating visitors/users of the Website and shall not create any type of obligation whatsoever.

In the event of any sale, merger, unification, change in control, transfer of essential assets, reorganization or liquidation of ION S.A., ION S.A. may, at its absolute discretion, transfer, sell or assign information collected by the Website/Application to one or more third parties. In this case, prior to any transfer of private data or before such data become subject to a different privacy policy, ION S.A. shall notify all members of the Website affected by such actions.

The Website may enable sharing in Social Media and other similar tools that allow you to share your actions within the Website with other applications, websites, or mass media, and vice versa. The use of such characteristics allows the exchange of information with your friends or the public at large, depending on the settings of your personal profile. We advise you to review the privacy policies of such social media services for more information about how they manage your data.

Our company may collaborate with statistical companies (web/mobile app statistics) for purposes of understanding how the Website is used and also for recording statistical data, such as the frequency of visits and the duration of stay in the Website. We collaborate with advertisers and advertising networks of third parties, who are required to know how users interact with the Website. Advertisers and advertising networks use a number of data collected by the Website, including, but not limited to, the unique identifier of the user’s device and/or the number of the user’s mobile phone. To protect the anonymity of information, we employ encryption technology, which ensures that no third party will be able to cross-reference the identity of natural persons. Our associates may also collect anonymous information about other websites / applications you have used / downloaded, websites you visit regularly, as well as accurate and inaccurate information about your location for purposes of displaying targeted advertisements within the Website and elsewhere. Any encrypted data you have given may be transferred to our partners and combined with other available data about your person, for purposes of statistical analysis or advertising. Our associates do not make any independent use of information transferred to them, and they have agreed to comply with the rules and regulations of the legislation in force on each occasion.

The ultimate control of private data provided to us on the Website remains in your hands. For example, you are entitled to change your mind at any time about regular contacts just by just sending us an e-mail.

Minors may access the Website only with their parents or guardians’ consent and they are not required to disclose their private data.

ION S.A. reserves the right to change or amend the Privacy Policy at any given moment without notifying visitors. Any such changes, amendments, additions or deletions in the Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately, meaning from the moment they are posted on the website. Any use of the Website following any such change or amendment shall constitute an acceptance of such changes, amendments, additions or deletions from the visitors’ behalf.